Services for Case Managers & Solicitors

Functional Restoration & Rehabilitation

We aim to provide functionally relevant and personalised rehabilitation which meet the needs of the client and the funder.

Our services are primarily used by case managers and solicitors for personal injury and employer liability claims in medium to high value cases (most often major and multiple injuries) where the long term impact of the individual not being able to resume their previous levels of employment and leisure will considerably impact their claim.

We can help you meet the needs of the 2015 Rehabilitation Code by acting as an assessor and / or provider of specialist functional rehabilitation needs. We work collaboratively with you to streamline timing of care and achieve the best functional outcome for the client.

We work with a wide range of clients (Please see examples in the panel) who have suffered all sorts of injuries or trauma and need to return to all sorts of activities.

Why choose us?

  • We will establish your needs and the goals of the client at the outset

  • We will keep you informed - we agree what level of communication you would like and include regular reports in all our packages

  • We love what we do and aim to always offer you a “can do” and creative approach to supporting your client.

  • We have a highly specialist team of Chartered Physiotherapists who can cover many areas of the UK. Many of our team are “award winners” and are involved in influencing physiotherapy rehabilitation practice in the UK.

When to choose us:

  • When a client has had a recent injury and has a likely risk of long term disability, we can offer our Early Intervention Programmes (available to clients no more than 12 months post injury). These are designed for clients who have completed surgery, inpatient rehab and are fully weight bearing. *certain exclusions apply, please contact us for details.

  • When a client has completed standard therapy, but has still not realised much wanted and needed goals; we have developed programmes which will enable them to reach their full functional potential and allow them to enjoy doing what they want and need to do, where they need to do it.

To find out more about how we can help you:

  • Request a call back to discuss a potential client
  • Request a referral form or download one by clicking here
  • Request a brochure
  • Book a webinar for you and / or your team to find out how we can help you
  • Book onto one of our open webinars to find out more about our services - email us for a password
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Services available

Designed2Move Assessment
Every client must undergo an initial assessment which evaluates their current situation, measures their current capacity, considers if there are any obstacles to recovery and assesses their rehabilitation needs. It concludes with recommendations for whether we think our service can help or not, and if so, what components we would suggest need to be included in a recovery programme to maximise the chances of success.
Designed2Move Functional Restoration Programmes
After the initial assessment, if the client and funder wishes to proceed a bespoke programme will be designed to include components most relevant to the clients needs and long term goals. These can be provided as a package or modules.

Case examples

Multiple orthopaedic injuries including spinal fractures following a motorcycle accident.
Programme included treatment of multiple areas, pain management and graded return to physical activity including walking, cycling and gym, with support to remain at work part time.
Bilateral lower limb fractures with internal fixation, pelvic and lumbar fractures following a work related climbing accident.
Programme included pain management support, functional movement retraining, support for pacing and work scheduling, and collaboration between client, physiotherapist and a climbing instructor to restore confidence for returning to climbing as part of work. Full case study report available on request, click here to get in touch.
Unilateral lower limb injuries with internal fixation surgery at ankle and hip, contra-lateral upper limb injury from a serious road traffic collision.
Programme included pain management support, home exercise programme, supplementary gym based programme, walking re-education, advice and support for managing return to work which included long distance and over seas travel.
Persistent regional pain syndrome of upper and lower limb that followed an acute work injury several years previously,
Resulting in associated poor general health and fitness. Programme included pain management and education for improving positive self coping strategies, graded walking programme with gait re-education, home based movement and relaxation exercises, accompanied gym sessions, advice on activity management and sleep routines to support recovery.
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Meet the Clinical Team

We are small but growing team who are passionate about what we do and helping people fulfill their potential after injury! Click the button to read more about our Specialist Clinicians.

Referrer feedback

  • “Your practical approach to meeting the challenges of supporting clients in their return to work in specific occupations is, I believe, much needed in the field of personal injury rehabilitation and case management. Certainly from my experience of working as a case manager this latter stage of a person’s rehabilitation is where progress can slow down and we often struggle to find Physiotherapists who are experienced in providing functional restoration programmes that are tailored towards the goal of helping the injured person achieve the transition from clinical setting back into their specific world of work.”
    Clare Martin, Rehab Solutions Ltd.
  • “Heather and I have worked together on complex cases helping folk get back to their jobs. Heather understands the need to look at the whole person and takes every care to design a rehab programme that helps to restore function using real and simulated (job orientated where required) tasks. Heather also takes pride in building a close rapport with a person and ensuring her rehab is evidence-based.”
    Jain Holmes, OT and Author of “Vocational Rehabilitation”
  • I would totally recommend Heather and her service to any case managers. I found her clinical assessment and rehabilitation skills to be first class, but not only that; her approach, her manner and her flexibility when dealing with quite a difficult client was greatly appreciated. Designed 2 Move are a very holistic and innovative service, far beyond the scope of most standard physiotherapy services. For clients who have physically demanding jobs, hobbies or interests, but still have limitations after 'standard' physio has finished, it would be well worth your while contacting Heather to see how Designed 2 Move could help them achieve their outstanding goals.
    Catherine Cottle - Case Manager, Unite Professionals Ltd.