Happy New Year! And an introduction to our new services for 2018

Happy New Year for 2018! We hope you have a good start to 2018 and that those of you who have succumbed to the most recent flu thats going round, that you are feeling better!

We were busy with new referrals right up to Christmas so thank you for that and we are pleased to continue to work with you in 2018. In this first email from us this year I want to update you on the new services we are launching now in January 2018 and then we are very happy to arrange calls or webinars for you to take you through it in more details. Accordingly we have also updated our Fees Matrix to reflect these new services (no change to other fees though :)) so please contact us for a new copy via info@designed2move.co.uk. or the Contact Us page on our website.

First, is the option for our usual Designed2Move Rehabilitation Assessment but with a Summary Report instead of a full traditional style narrative report. We think this will appeal to those of you who know what you need from us, and just need the baseline assessment data and recommendations in order to go ahead with a programme. The advantages of this new report option are a saving of £375.00 compared to the full report and a shorter turnaround time (approx. 2 weeks instead of 4 weeks).

Second, is our D2M Early Intervention Combined Assessment and Rehabilitation Programme. This has been designed specifically to encourage earlier referral (where possible!) so that the client can begin rehab as soon as possible after an injury thereby reducing the risk of long term disability and work loss. The package includes a shorter assessment and summary report, 7 rehabilitation sessions and a review assessment with final summary report, with the goal that all sessions will be completed in around 12 weeks. In order for this to be effective though we have set some inclusion and exclusion criteria as follows:

Inclusion Exclusion
  • No more than 12 months post injury
  • No further surgery expected or planned
  • For Lower Limb injuries the client must be able to fully weight bear at the assessment
  • Able to complete basic functional tests such as a sit to stand, or walk test at the assessment
  • Willing and able to participate
  • Primary fear avoidant & pain behaviours & functional goals
  • Orthopaedic or MSK injuries isolated to one – two body part areas ONLY
  • No significant mental health issues
  • More than 12 months post injury
  • Centralised & persistent pain including history or diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, CRPS or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Significant psychosocial factors or mental health issues that complicate the presentation
  • Drug or alcohol dependence
  • More than 2 body areas affected / multiple injuries and / or co-morbidities
Please note: many of these clients can be usually be seen within one of our more intensive programmes, please contact us to discuss.

We will also soon have all the documents that you may require about our services on a dedicated private page, so that you can get hold of what you need any time - although you can always still call us too! You can find a summary document here: 2018 D2M Summary of Services

We are also planning some new webinars in 2018 so do let us know if there are any topics you would really like us to cover and we will we see what we can do from our lovely associates.

Finally, we will soon be updating our associate list too, but in the last few months we have been able to appoint new associates in the Midlands, near Lichfield, Chesterfield and Sheffield.