At Designed2Move we work with active people who have suffered severe or multiple injury, or who suffer from persistent pain; who have completed surgery, inpatient rehab and who are fully weight bearing (or are soon to be!) but still haven't been able to resume physically demanding jobs, hobbies or daily lives.

We aim to restore physical capability, confidence & resilience through specialised active and integrated rehabilitation approaches which facilitate recovery and enable our clients to live fully into the future.

We use approaches that combine physical & psychosocial interventions that are informed by the latest evidence for management of pain and recovery of function.

Components of a programme:

In practice, this means combining a number of approaches or "interventions" into a unique programme to meet the client's needs, and delivering this in a way that is practical and relevant, and at an intensity (frequency & duration of sessions) that enables sustainable progress towards meeting the goals identified at assessment.

Our programmes include a wide variety of techniques, for example, exercise rehabilitation, pain education, ergonomics, return to work support, walking re-education, outdoor activities and discussion of lifestyle factors. The best combination for these are discussed with the client at assessment.

Our team are experienced and passionate chartered physiotherapists led by Director Heather Watson. They work with us because they share our goal to help people return to doing the things they love, and between them have expertise in rehabilitating a wide a variety of clients into demanding work, leisure and sports environments. Click here for more information about the team.

Conditions we work with

  • Musculoskeletal pain conditions of all causes
  • Back, neck and pelvic pain
  • Persistent pain
  • Orthopaedic trauma and surgery
  • Multiple injury / poly trauma

Services available

Designed2Move Assessment
Every client must undergo an initial assessment which evaluates their current situation, measures their current capacity, considers if there are any obstacles to recovery and assesses their rehabilitation needs. It concludes with recommendations for whether we think our service can help or not, and if so, what components we would suggest need to be included in a recovery programme to maximise the chances of success.
Designed2Move Active Recovery Programmes
After the initial assessment, if the client and funder wishes to proceed a bespoke programme will be designed to include components most relevant to the clients needs and long term goals. These can be provided as a package or modules.


Every client starts with a Designed2Move assessment. The date, time and location is arranged to suit the client and the physiotherapist based on the service required. The duration of the assessment and subsequent rehabilitation sessions is on a case by case basis.
Depending on the service you require our assessments and rehabilitation can be carried out in a number of places

At the clients home, workplace, gym, local park or other agreed location. Please contact us to discuss your requirements
Fees vary depending on the service required, the location of the appointments and how the service will be funded.

Fees are charged based on clinical assessment, report writing and rehabilitation sessions. Most of our rehabilitation programmes are delivered as a package with an all inclusive cost.

Fees for travel time and expenses (e.g. Mileage) are charged for where they are incurred.
Payment methods are dependent on the service required.
How do I make a referral?
If you are a case manager, solicitor you can refer a client with their consent. Please contact us for more referral information.
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